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The Equipment
2003 Ford Focus SVT

The car was ordered in March 2003 and I had to wait until Ford started building the Euro editions in April '03.  I took delivery of the car in early May and have been enjoying it immensely since then. 

The Euro edition is fully optioned so it is not the best choice for a serious autocrosser since all those luxuries add a bit of weight.  But, anyone who sits in the leather Recaro's falls in love with them and immediately gets the "how can I put these seats in my car" look.  At the time of this writing the car has a little over 21,000 miles on it and functions as my daily driver.  After about a months ownership it had the "new" wiped right off of it.  While at work it was backed into and when I took the car to the dealer to get an estimate they managed to put two deep scratches in the passenger door.  If you knew me you'd understand this makes the car fit right in with the other cars I've owned in the past.  (I have an '86 Fiero SE with the only undamaged, unrepainted, unbondo'd, or outright replaced panel being the roof.)

I'm in the process of replacing everything I can and still be G stock legal.  Here is some of the items I've purchased so far:

  • TeamDynamics Pro Race II 17x7 wheels

  • Kumho Victoracer V700 225/45-17 tires
  • KONI Yellow's for the front and GAZ adjustables on the rear
  • Magnacore plug wires
  • Autometer shift light
  • K&N drop in filter
  • Steeda Diamond Plate floor mats
  • Steeda Shorty Chrome antennae. (The stock one is so long it looks like there should be a sail run up it to improve gas mileage.)

I know not all the stuff I've spent my money on is autocross related but, I had to make the car "mine." 

Since this is my first new car purchase I kept some of the marketing material and made the salesman give me the 2003 SVT Focus poster they had in the show room.