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2003 Ford Focus SVT

September 14th 2006
I've added video from my last two autocrosses. 

August 28th 2006
I've uploaded the in car video and some pictures from this past weekend.  I went to a high speed autocross held at the 411 Motor Speedway; Satellite Image.  The event was run by the SVT Cobra Mustang Club and they brought out the big guns.  In the paddock I was surrounded by modified Cobras, Mustang GT's, C-5 ZO6's, and even a C-6 ZO6.  I was a few hundred horse power shy of having the fast time of the day and finished 18th out of 35 entrants.  But, I had a blast even though my times were on the slow side.  The course was quite challenging to get right.  The banking allowed for very high cornering speed, the straights let the Focus wind out second gear and the transitions to the infield were a exercise in patience. Here are some links to other participants' pictures: Link 1  Link 2 

August 26th 2006
I added video my last autocross.  The event was put on by the Southern Indiana Region SCCA and held at the Owensboro, KY airport.  On the way to the site the sky's opened up a few times with torrential rain, and I wasn't sure it was going to be worth the two hour drive.  But, by the time the first car was off the rain had stopped and it was kind enough to stay away.  So all in all it was a great day for racing.

August 16th 2006
I've made some minor changes to the site to make it easier to navigate as I add more video.  There are now two main video sections; Track Day and Autocross.  Click on one of the tabs to the left and it will take you to a list of all the videos in that section.

August 13th 2006
A buddy of mine and I took the trip out to Motlow Community College to autocross with the TLSCCA.  The site is a bit smaller than the club I belong to, but it has SHADE!  Anyone familiar with August in the south can appreciate that.  Plus it is way more laid back than the usual autocross clubs so it is a nice change of pace.  To see the videos follow the Autocross tab to the left.

May 29th 2006
I was back out at the Nashville Super Speedway on the 19th of May.  It was a pretty good track day as there were not very many cars and I got a lot of clean laps in.  While I like getting clean laps they don't make for great video.  Unless you enjoy seeing some clean lines and well caught apexes you will not see much action in these clips.  But, not all is lost for you lovers of action; Check out Session Three!

Oh, since the drivers of two white classic Mustangs couldn't find the time to give me the point by I feel the need to point out I was running Kumho 712 street tires.

August 11th 2005
I added a few pictures from my last autocross on 7 August at the Nashville Super Speedway.  See the event results here.

August 5th 2005
I added some video from my last trip to the Nashville Super Speedway hosted by the Music City Mustang Club.  It is track time for work deal so when not working one of the flagging stations you can join your group out on track.  This year I ran with the advanced group and the SVT Focus held it's own.  I think the video from session five is the most entertaining.  This session was a SCCA Members only session and is the major reason the event is never hurting for volunteers. 

In session five an Autocross buddy of mine, in a flat black Corolla GT, and I attacked the track pretty hard.  It's the closest I've been to wheel to wheel racing, but we were careful not to break any of the "point by rules."  In the video you can see me slowly reeling him in.  Then a caution flag was brought out by a spinning Miata and the gap was gone.  I got the point by but wasn't able to pull away.  By this time my tires were shot and I was getting some severe push.  Check out the end of the video for the tire carnage. 


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